Journalist Visa

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A non-Indonesian national is required to have a journalist visa to conduct journalistic activities involving the act of seeking, gathering, obtaining, and processing information with the intention of disseminating, circulating, publishing and broadcasting those acquired information in written forms and/or audio or audiovisual forms through any publicly accessed broadcasting media (printed or electronic : TV / Radio / online).

A journalist visa is also required for special events coverage such as :

  • Familiarization Trip
  • High-level Official/State visit
  • International events: conferences, seminars
  • coverage of a particular/incidental circumstance

Journalist visit to Indonesia of a 30 days period can be carried out after obtaining approval from the concerned authorities. The whole application process could take up to 6 weeks after submitting all of the required documents as mentioned through : (Public Diplomacy, Press and Socio-Cultural Department)

  1. Sponsor letter from employer stating :
    1. The purpose of journalistic visit
    2. Places to be visited/covered
    3. The date/schedule of filming/coverage
    4. Information on the broadcasting period
  2. A brief overview of your company/company profile
  3. A letter from a legal local partner/fixer as listed on Production Services Non Companies   or Production Services Companies Lists
  4. An acknowledgment letter regarding the visit or shooting activities from the Location or Community of interest.
  5. Completed Journalist Visa application forms (click here to download) with an original signature of the applicant, typed or written in black capital letters; Photos attached.
  6. List of production crew members traveling for the visit and their positions
  7. Tentative agenda in Indonesia (detailed timetable and locations)
  8. Synopsis or background information/story of the planned production
  9. List of resource persons or interviewees and/or organizations
  10. List of equipment to be re-exported to the UK, to be signed and dated
    • Kindly note that the use of drones (aerial shooting equipment) in Indonesia are subject to regulations issued by the Ministry of Transportation. It is highly recommended to employ a licensed local company that will have to apply for flight and security clearance from the authorities for an aerial shooting activity.
    • Drones exported from the UK must obtain approval from the Ministry of Transportation
    • The operator should be a certified Indonesia Citizen proofed by submitting the following documents: (1) Indonesian ID, (2) an sUAS Operator Certificate and sUAS Registration letters issued by the Ministry of Transportation for the related project
    • Kindly note the Journalist Visa application will not be processed before all documents above are completed
  11. Personal statement letter, to be signed and dated
  12. A clear copy/scan of passport (main details only – valid for at least 6 months)
  13. Three recent passport-size photographs; Two of them must be attached on the Visa Application Forms;

Original documents must be submitted to Media Department at The Indonesian Embassy once it considered complete via email. Original Passport will be needed after the approval is issued.

Following the approval from the authorities in Indonesia, applicants will be advised to submit the passport to the Embassy to issue the visa and complete General Visa Application ( We will further inform the applicant regarding the date and time to collect the visa. The collection time is from 14.30 to 16.30 from Monday to Friday (except national/bank holidays).

Click here for the list of visa fee