Tourist Visa

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  1. Nationals of countries not included in the list of the 169 countries that are eligible for Visa-Free visits or for those who are planning to visit Indonesia for more than 30 days, must have a visa to enter Indonesia and should submit their application accordingly.
  2. National of 68 countries including Great Britain and Ireland, can either get a Visa on Arrival (VOA) upon arrival in Indonesia, which length of stay may not exceed 30 (thirty) days and can only be extended for one time only (please refer to the Visa on Arrival), or apply at the Indonesian Embassy to stay longer than thirty days.
  3. Visa issued at the Embassy has a maximum length of stay is 60 (sixty) days, and can be extended at the immigration office in Indonesia.
  4. Tourist visa application from certain nationals would need to be referred to the Immigration Office in Indonesia (see various visas issued on Approval). This process can take up to two months before a decision is made and the visa is granted.
  5. Type of entry for this visa is a Single Entry only.
  6. Validity of visa will be three months from the date of issue. NOTE: This is the period by which you will have to use the visa to enter Indonesia before it expires, as shown in the Expiry Date.
  7. To return the passport by post, a Stamp Self Address Special Delivery Envelope should be provided. Ireland address may send an additional £10,- to cover the cost of registered post.
  8. Visa is issued within 3-5 working days from receipt of application provided all documents are in order.

General Visa Requirements

  1. Original Passport (Passport must be valid minimum 6 months on the date of entry into Indonesia) with at least two blank pages
  2. Online Visa application form must be fully completed printed and signed
  3. One photo is to be attached: photo must have a passport format, full-face capture, and a light background. the photo must be recently taken
  4. Copy of Residence Permit in UK / Ireland (only for those who are not a UK/Ireland nationals)
  5. Proof of sufficient financial support to finance the applicant during his/her stay in Indonesia (Bank Statement with minimum of amount of £1000)
  6. Roundtrip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight number specifying entry and exit to Indonesia
  7. Proof of accommodation for the whole duration of the Intended stay in Indonesia or sponsor letter.

  • Visa will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue
  • For applicants who submit visa application through postal services, they must include a Special delivery envelope with a clear address. The embassy is not responsible for delays or loss of documents caused by other parties.

Fees visit here