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  1. The following information, which consists of 4 (four) stages, intends to give foreign students general advice about how to obtain the necessary visa if they wish to study in Indonesia.
  2. The information contained in these information sheets has been compiled from various official documentation on immigration regulations so as to give students a clear written understanding of the application procedure.
  3. Please be advised that the process to obtain visas can be complicated and may take considerable length of time to be processed. Please plan well in advance and try to be patient!
  4. Every effort has been made to explain the strict requirements as clearly and concisely as possible.


  1. Foreign students (including PhD students) who would like to study in Indonesia should first obtain a place/ be admitted/ be accepted at the University/ Institution in Indonesia where they are going to study. They should have proof that they have been accepted, and should have a letter/ statement from the University concerned in Indonesia confirming this status.
  2. If studying in Indonesia is to be a part of some course/ programme under the auspices/ supervision of the student’s university in the UK or if it is based upon co-operation between universities in the UK and in Indonesia, then the student should also obtain some kind of proof or letter of recommendation from his/ her university/ institution in the UK and also from the university in Indonesia confirming that he/ she is indeed a student of the university concerned, and that he/ she will be spending part of his/ her course/ programme/ a semester at a certain university in Indonesia.
  3. After completing all the necessary documentation/ application forms, the student should come to the Visa Section of the Embassy to apply for a Social Visit Visa. Why is it a Social Visit Visa and not a Student Visa? Study is the main element of education and that education comes under “Social and Cultural Visits”. Furthermore, the Embassy is not authorised to issue Student Visas. All Student Visas should be separately applied for in Indonesia, when students are already in Indonesia. This subject will be covered in more detail in STAGE 3 and 4.
  4. The following documents should be submitted with an application for a Social Visit Visa:
      1. A valid passport (minimum validity being 6 months as from the date of entry into Indonesia)
      2. Completed visa application forms (2 forms per applicant)
      3. Two coloured passport size photos


      1. A letter of registration from the college/school/institution in Indonesia verifying the duration/nature of the applicant’s course or training.
      2. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s college/university in the United kingdom confirming/stating that the applicant is a student from the university concerned, and also verifying the purpose and duration of the training/course/p programme.
      3. Evidence that all the necessary fees have been paid in advance. If the applicant is on a scholarship/ award, a statement/letter of confirmation from the sponsor(s)/awardee(s) is required
      4. Evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds to maintain him/herself for the duration of his/her proposed stay in Indonesia
      5. Evidence of obligation in the applicant’s country of permanent residence (e.g. a letter from the applicant’s supervisor/college/school certifying the applicants’ intention to return there after the visit to Indonesia).

  1. Social Visit Visa application fees : Fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances:

    All visa applications should be submitted between l0 a.m. and 1 p.m. Mondays to Fridays (except on Indonesian and British public holidays) at the Visa Section of the Indonesian Embassy at 38 Grosvenor Square, London WIK 2HW .

    Provided that all documents submitted with an application are in order, the visa can be collected on the following working day (except onIndonesian and British Public Holidays) between 2.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. (except for applications that need to be referred to the Immigration Office in Indonesia for a special permit to be obtained).



  1. Students should report to/contact the Student Administration Office at the university/college where they are studying in Indonesia, who may be able to assist them with their documentation and other matters in order to apply for a Student Visa and Stay Permit. With the assistance of the Student Office, students should then submit all the necessary papers and documentation to:
  2. However, the student should be aware that he/she still holds a 4/5 week Social Visit Visa and that this visa must still be converted to a Student Visa and a stay permit obtained from the Immigration Office in Indonesia. The student should therefore finalize their Visa and Stay Permit far before their Social Visit Visa expires.
  3. After obtaining the required visa, students can go to Indonesia, and can start studying once every aspect of their training programme is in order.
      1. the Directorate General for Higher Education of the Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, and
      2. the Bureau for International Co-operation of the Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, who in co-ordination with other departments, including the Immigration Head Office in Jakarta, will process the applications. This process can take a considerable length of time.
  4. Students should give complete address of their residence in Indonesia or the address of the Student Administration Office where they are studying, so that the University or the Immigration Office can notify them as soon as their application has been successfully granted.


  1. If and when the application has been approved, the Immigration Head Office in Indonesia will process the change in visa of the student that is from a Social Visit Visa to a Student Visa/Stay Permit.
  2. The Immigration Head Office in Indonesia will then inform and authorize the Regional/ Local Immigration Office in the city where the foreign student lives to issue the student with a Student Visa and a Limited/Temporary Stay Permit (usually in the form of card) valid for 1 (one) year with the possibility of extension four times, each extension being valid for 1 (one) year.
  3. The Regional/Local Immigration Office will inform the student either directly or through his/her university office that he/she can come to the Immigration Office to be issued with the Student Visa and the Limited/Temporary Stay Permit Card.
  4. Please be advised that the fee for the Limited/ Temporary Stay Permit Card is Rp.130.000, – (as of 20 February 1998) and should be paid in cash only.


If the student’s studies/ training have not yet finished but the Visa/ Stay Permit has already expires or will shortly be expiring, then the student can get an extension. A student can submit his/ her application for an extension at the Regional/ Local Immigration Office where he/ she is studying.


  1. Applying for a visa can take much longer than you expect; do apply for your visa well in advance of your planned visit to Indonesia.
  2. Do not book or pay for any travel tickets etc. until you have been granted a visa.
  3. Once you arrive in Indonesia, you may encounter some differences in the way your enquiries and problems are dealt with due to differences in the culture and way of life as well as in the bureaucracy system between East and West.
  4. You should always consult your Supervisor and/or the Student Administration Office at your University in Indonesia, not only for academic matters but also for other matters involving the Immigration Office and in connection with your stay in Indonesia.