On the 31st of March 2019, the Indonesian Embassy and the London Trade Attache continues to commit to pushing Indonesian coffee exports into the UK. One of the ways in which this is done is through participating in the London Coffee Festival 2019 exhibition which was held on March 28-31 at the Old Truman Brewery at Brick Lane, London. The London Coffee Festival is the largest Coffee exhibition event in Europe and is one of the most prestigious, with 250 exhibitors attending and enticing at least 30,000 visitors, ranging from importers, wholesalers, roasters to café owners.

Indonesia’s participation for the first time in this exhibition was manifested in the form of the Indonesian Pavilion for the synergy of the Indonesian Embassy and the London Trade Attache. Themed “Home of the World’s Finest Coffee”, the Indonesian Pavilion was represented by three business actors; Work Coffee Indonesia, PT Seribu Satu Rasa (Walking Drums), and Ngopi International Limited. The three businessmen displayed 24 varieties of speciality Coffee seeds, including Gayo Coffee, Bali Kintamani, Solok Radjo, Batu Tolu, Garut Kasuga, Enrekang Nating, Puntang Peaberry, Flores Bajawa, Mount Halu, West Java, Mount Tilu, and West Java, respectively. Each has its own unique and distinctive taste.

“The presence of the Indonesian Pavilion at the 2019 London Coffee Festival is expected to be an effective means of introducing Indonesian coffee diversity to the British public and a way to promote Indonesian Coffee to the UK markets in order to encourage an increase in Indonesian coffee exports to Britain, Republic of Ireland, and IMO” said Dr. Rizal Sukma, Indonesian Ambassador to The UK, The Republic of Ireland, and IMO.

During the exhibition, Indonesia collaborated with the 2019 London Coffee Festival to hold a coffee tasting session (coffee cupping session) to provide opportunities for the visitors and potential buyers that were present to experience a taste of the Indonesian coffee speciality directly.

The visitors and potential buyers that were present at the London Coffee Festival were very enthusiastic when crowding the Indonesian Pavilion. At least 7,500 visitors per day visited the Indonesian Pavilion, tasting the distinctiveness of Indonesia’s coffee speciality during the four days the exhibition took place. The visitors and potential buyers high interest towards the Indonesian coffee during the exhibition managed to carve out a potential transaction of 2 million USD, making the event a success.

The Indonesian Embassy in London believes that the promotion of Indonesian coffee that is being encouraged today can be carried out continuously in the country with accreditation and the support of stakeholder industries in the country.