Promising Indonesian Products in UK Markets

LONDON, NETRANEWS.COM – The UK market is quite promising for Indonesia amid the world economic crisis because of its gross domestic product reaching $2.6 trillion and a population of 66 million with per capita income above $40,000 per year.

Trade Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in London Nur Rakhman Setyoko in London, Sunday (7/23/2017), said the export promotion is the main key in penetrating the international market, especially England.

He said the Indonesian Embassy in London in this case the Trade Attaché has cooperated with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Dekranasda of West Java Province, Dekranasda of West Sumatra Province, and the organizer of Indonesia Weekend held Business Networking in the Indonesian Embassy in London.

Business Networking succeeded in bringing together 10 Indonesian small and medium entrepreneurs under assistance of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Dekranasda of West Java and Dekranasda of West Sumatra with buyers consisting of 15 buyers for fashion and jewelery, and seven buyers for fashion, food and leather goods respectively. In this business networking, Miss Continental 2017 and Miss Teen Continental joined to promote Indonesia’s fashion by doing catwalks wearing Indonesian clothes.

The market of textile products including fashion has good prospects in the UK. Imports of textile products including the UK fashion from the world reached $25.5 billion with an average growth of 1.24 percent per year during 2012-2016.

Indonesia only exported to the UK for textile products including fashion of $224 million in 2016. Indonesia’s potential is still very large to be developed this provides an opportunity for Indonesia to be more keen to penetrate the UK market.

In addition to textile products, many buyers are attracted to Indonesian food products. Instant noodle products of Indonesia became the target of buyers in the UK.

Indofood’s products become the targets of many buyers in Business Networking London. Currently, Indonesia only exported instant noodles to the UK of $865,000 in 2016. However, the UK market for instant noodles is huge up to $206 million in 2016. (*)