Sending your application by post

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Applicants could send the application to Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, 30 Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2BU

Mail subject (for example):
To: Consular Section (Visa/Legalization/others…)
Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia,
30 Great Peter Street
London SW1P 2BU

Before sending your application, please make sure to enclose:

  1. The required documents (original or copy, depending on the requirements)
  2. Return Envelope with a readable name and address (It is recommended to use Special Delivery Envelope 500 gr)
  3. For those who are residing in Ireland, must provide bank draft amounting to £10 for the international track and sign fee.
  4. For those who are living in British Overseas Territories, such as Cayman Island, British Virgin Island and Turks and Caicos, please arrange a courier delivery to send and collect your document to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
  5. Payment information, please visit: Visa Fee


To check your mail status, please visit:  Link