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Indonesian Embassy Closing Days 2017
1 January New Year’s Day
2 January New Year’s Day (substitute day)
28 January Chinese New Year’s Day
28 March Balinese Hindu New Year
14 April Good Friday
17 April Easter Monday
24 April Night journey and Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad (Isra Miraj)
1 May Labour Day
11 May Waisak Day (Buddhist)
25 May Ascencion of Jesus Christ
29 May Spring Bank Holiday
1 June The Birth of Pancasila
25-30 June Eid’l Fitri 1437 H (End of Ramadan) Day
17 August Indonesia Independence Day
28 August Summer Bank Holiday
1 September Eid’l Adha 1437 H (Hajj festival)
21 September New (Islamic) Year 1438 Hijriyah
1 December Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day