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Please be informed that it is not easy for foreigners to work and stay in Indonesia since Indonesia has very strict and complicated immigration/ visa requirements and regulations, and the process can be very long. Applicants should be aware of this before making any further plans. May we strongly advise you to carefully read the following requirements and regulations:

  1. Any foreigners intending to work and stay in Indonesia must have a sponsor both in the United Kingdom and in Indonesia. A sponsoring company/institution in the Indonesia, however large or small, is a necessary requirement.
  2. Staying and working in Indonesia on business for a long period (that is more than 5 weeks, this is being the normal permit period for business) needs approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia, and one must have the necessary visa, work and stay permits which can be applied for by the sponsor/counterpart in Indonesia at the Immigration Office in Indonesia.
  3. Applicants must be absolutely sure that the sponsoring company/institution in Indonesia can help them with their application and provide them with the necessary assistance regarding the visa and work permit. The sponsoring company/institution should approach the Immigration Office in Indonesia and be in constant contact with the Immigration Office in Indonesia, not only for visa matters but also for other matters involving the Immigration Office during and in connection with the applicants stay in Indonesia.
  4. Regarding stay permits, foreigners can only be issued with a VITAS (Visa Izin Tinggal Terbatas) or also known as a Limited/Temporary Resident Visa for a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months, with the possibility of extension (subject to approval from the Immigration authorities in Indonesia). Furthermore, this temporary resident visa can only be obtained if the individual concerned has a sponsor/counterpart in Indonesia who can help him/her obtain the visa by applying to the Immigration Office in Indonesia. Please be advised that it takes a considerable length of time for an application to be processed.
  5. The length of stay in Indonesia for a VITAS is decided by the Immigration Office in Indonesia based on the sponsor/counterpart’s request.
  6. If and when the application is approved and the visa is then granted by the Immigration Office in Indonesia, the Immigration Office will first notify the sponsor/counterpart in Indonesia and will give special authorization to the Embassy to issue the visa. The necessary visa will be issued by the Embassy only after special authorization has been received by the Embassy directly from the Immigration Office in Indonesia.
  7. Please be advised that the notification of approval sent by the Immigration Office in Indonesia to the applicant’s sponsor in the United Kingdom cannot be accepted or used by the Embassy to issue the visa as the information contained therein is intended only for the applicant’s information and does not in itself authorize the Embassy to issue the visa.
  8. It is the responsibility of the company for which the applicant is working to contact the Embassy for the result of the applicant’s application to the Immigration Office in Indonesia for a permit to work in Indonesia, and should their employee’s application be granted, arrange with the Embassy when the employee should come to the Embassy to complete the final application forms.
  9. The following documents should be submitted with the final application for a visa to work and stay in Indonesia once approval has been granted by the Immigration Office in Indonesia:
    1. Completed visa application forms (must be originals, photocopies are not accepted)
    2. a valid passport with a minimum validity of 18 months as from the date of entry (for those who want to stay and work in Indonesia)
    3. Two colour passport size photos


    1. Written approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia;
    2. A complete and updated Curriculum Vitae (CV);
    3. Two letters of recommendation, one from the applicant’s firm/office in UK and the other from the applicant’s sponsor/counterpart in Indonesia setting out the reason for the visit, details of the duration of the proposed visit, and responsibility for accommodation/maintenance costs;
    4. Evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds to maintain him/herself during his/her stay in Indonesia (e.g. recent bank statements) or/and a third-party letter guaranteeing to support the applicant financially during his/her stay in Indonesia, together with documentary evidence of the ability to do so.
    5. Visa application fee depends on the type of visa applied for and length of stay granted by the Immigration Office in Indonesia.


  1. Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
    Holders of Diplomatic and Service Passports are exempted from the mentioned fees.
  2. Fees visit here

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of any passports or other documents, or for damage in delivery.