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The Embassy can only provide legalisation services to legal entities or those who have domicile in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Requirements for Legalisation :

  1. The original document must first be legalised by the Notary Public, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) or   Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland (DFAT) before being submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy
  2. Must prepare 1 (one) copy of the document that has been Legalised by the Notary Public and FCO
  3. Fees :
    • Commercial Document : £105 (Employment Agreement/Contract, Export and Import, Circular Resolution Shareholder, Circular Resolutions of The Shareholders, Free Sale and Power of Attorney Assets of Company)
    • Non Commercial Document : £25
  4. Those who send a legalisation document by post must prepare a postal order or bank draft payable to “Indonesian Embassy”  for a Commercial document  £105 and Non Commercial document £25 as well as prepare a return envelope with a clear address (visit post information)
  5. The embassy is not responsible for delays, damage or loss of document made by other parties
  6. Document for Appointments  Distributor/ Agencies in Indonesia must obtain a Certificate/ Letter from the Trade Attache before being submitted to the Consular Section. For those of you who want to get further Information, please contact Trade Attache, Phn. 020 7499 7661 (ext.9623) email:
  7. The legalisation process will take 3 – 5 working days, from the receipt of application provided all required documents are in order
  8. For those of you who need futher information about the requirement to legalise the document at FCO or DFAT before being submitted to the Consular Department of the Embassy, please contact the following address :

    United Kingdom
    Legalisation Office 
    email :
    Website :
    Telephone: 03700 00 22 44
    Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pmIrelandAuthentications and Legalisations Department of Foreign Affairs
    69-71 St. Stephen’s Green
    Dublin 2
    Phone: + 353 1 408 2174



As stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia No. 84 of 2019 j.o. No. 92 of 2019 j.o. No.58 of 2020, concerning Provisions on the Import of Non- Hazardous and Non-Toxic Waste as Industrial Raw Material, the information for the new registration process for the supplier/exporter of non-hazardous and non-toxic waste can be found on this link.