No. 027/PR.EKON/XI/LONDON/2018

LONDON, 22 November 2018 – East Wing Somerset House, a 200-year-old neoclassical building in the heart of London, was suddenly crowded with British importers and coffee lovers. They came to smell the variety of Indonesian coffees displayed in Indonesian Coffee Day exhibitions and business forums.10 coffee industry players from Indonesia, including millennial Indonesian baristas, were involved as part of Indonesia’s economic diplomacy efforts to increase the presence of Indonesian specialty coffee, in the UK both in terms of commodities and the creative sector. In the Indonesia Coffee Day business forum, the Indonesian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the International Maritime Organization, Dr. Rizal Sukma highlighted the huge potential of trade transactions in the coffee sector between Indonesia and the UK. “As the fourth largest coffee producer, it is expected that the first single exhibition of Indonesian coffee in the UK, there will be more and more Indonesian coffee exports present in the UK, ”said Ambassador Rizal Sukma. Present as a speaker at the business forum was the Coffee Supply Chain Manager Fairtrade, Anna Pierides. Anna highlighted Fairtrade’s certification role in helping Indonesian coffee farmers. “What’s interesting about Fairtrade coffee is that almost all Fairtrade coffee production is organic and that the participation of Indonesian farmers in Fairtrade has generated a premium of $ 4.8 million.

Pagalaram Coffee, Gayo Mandiri, Malabar, Bali Arabica, Dialog Coffee, Sarongge Coffee, Work Coffee, Ngopi Yuk, and Petimera present to bring a variety of coffees from Aceh, Bali, West Java, West Java, Sumatra, and Flores. All types of coffees were then presented in a cupping coffee session hosted by Syafrudin, from the Specialty Coffee Association Indonesia.

Ambassador Rizal Sukma on a separate occasion said that with the shift in the culture of tea drinking to coffee drinking in the UK, Indonesia was strategically positioned to enter the coffee market, especially specialty coffee. Although it is considered large, Indonesia’s potential in the UK has not been optimized. “This is what makes the promotion of Indonesian coffee through Indonesia Coffee Day as an economic diplomacy priority of the Indonesian Embassy in London, added by Ambassador Rizal Sukma. Ambassador Rizal Sukma further encouraged various parties to contribute to the development of the Indonesian coffee industry, as was done by Bank Indonesia and Bank Mandiri, that has been partnering with several Indonesian coffee farmers.