Anglo-Indonesian Society (AIS) – Modern Women’s Issues in Indonesia, 25th April 2016

The Society’s event/discussion on Modern Women’s Issues in Indonesia on 25th April 2016, went on amazingly well.

The all-women panel chaired by Dr Mari Mulyani of Oxford University, joined by Mrs Hana Satriyo recently Director for Gender and Women’s Participation at the Asia Foundation in Jakarta and also the wife of the current Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, Mr Rizal Sukma, and Dorothy Ferary, former President of PPI London who is doing a Ph.D on the benefits of higher education for women in Indonesia Many interesting questions were raised by the audience and discussed, and it was a truly valuable evening.

We hope the Society will continue to arrange many more similar discussions on Indonesian women education in the future. Thank you all for attending, your participations contributed to the amazingly successful evening.